Heroes. Esp Ethilrist and Cragspider

From: Mike Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu 04 May 1995 - 01:57:36 EEST

I really liked the 'Harrek the Lucid Dreamer' hypothesis. This accounts for his awsome spiritual power right after his return from the Lunar dart competions.

Note that he, like Ethilrist and Cragspider, are Heroes (the category includes Superheroes) who live on in the mundane world without showing the need to apothosise (?sp) despite the fact that most people find it impossible to remain in the mortal world after acheiving their defining heroquest. (Query: did Argrath ever do a Quest that no one had done before. Answer: not until right at the end when he went beyond the Lightbringer's quest.)

The reason for this I believe is that they deliberately keep the size of their cult small and the membership exclusive. This means that they will never have the great power of the true gods but will always have the man-power to perform the God-Time ritual of their cults. I agree with whoever said it, the Black Horse Troop is Sir Ethilrist's cult. The Wolf-Pirates are Harrek's. And Cragspider is the head of the cult of Arachne Solara on the mundane plane. (Or at least the visible head.)

Thus they never pass the point of no return in the growth of their cult where they would reach full divine power and be forced to leave the mundane world.

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