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Date: Thu 04 May 1995 - 11:24:17 EEST

 First of all, apologies for leaving half of the last digest attached to my last post.

 Secondly, may someone please send me the contact details for Wizard's Attic, and the price of FS when sent overseas?

>From: Nick Brooke <>
>Lord, I'm becoming more Lunar by the minute. A sign of maturity? Obviously

 Rapid weight changes from "a mere crescent of a man" to "a bulging, glowing sphere" are usually taken as signs of bad dietary choices...

>From: Sandy Petersen <>

>Errinoru: was he a hero? Was he a superhero? Note
>that he didn't seem to do much fighting during his time on Earth,
>like that other famed Pamaltelan hero, Elamle.

 Hon-eel is called a superhero, but I don't recall that she was involved in that much fighting on the mundane plane either, her main methods being subterfuge or conversion through heroquests. Her only really major battle was the Nights of Horror, where she died. I know I'll be corrected on this, I should bring all my RQ and Gloranthan material to work...

> Arkat = Chaos

   The other ones you mention are tied to the runes in a positive sense, in that the rune is a central aspect of their powers. Arkat is mainly said to have been an enemy of chaos, and none of his incarnations used chaos (except for Arkat the Deceiver). Obviously I've missed your point here, could you explain some more?

> Now let's visit Heortland every 500 years:
> 1 S.T. -- Orlanthi tribal culture
> 500 S.T. -- Orlanthi tribal culture
> 1000 S.T. -- Orlanthi tribal culture
> 1500 S.T. -- Orlanthi tribal culture

 Well, this is what the Heortlanders would have you believe. KoS Orlanthi myths claim that no useful ideas have come from outside Orlanthi/Ernaldan culture, but their early written records seem to be rather scant. I wouldn't be surprised if there have been major changes without it being remembered. I suspect that the evolution of Lhankor Mhy from a bard/lawspeaker to a scribe/scholar in the Western form happened sometime in the first 1000 years ST. Joerg have any opinions on this?

>> The only major human cultures that don't worship a female Earth
> Oh yeah? How about the East Isles, bub. [stops for thought]

 It should have read "human cultures of Genertela". Even then, I haven't seen any mention of the Teshnans worshipping the earth, though I think they do.

> As for the monotheist West, howzabout Xemela? She's a
>healing saint (the main one), and is female as they come.

 Oh, I know they have female Saints, just none with clear earth connections; To me, Xemela even sounds like a corruption of "Chalana", or vice versa.

Also the
>the Brithini at one time were believed to have all their females
>belong to a single caste (can't recall her name), and she was
>thought to be rather earth-like. Nick?

 I prefer the elemental relations of the Brithini castes to be (correct names used where remembered):
Talars = Fire/Light
Zzaburi = Water
Horali = Storm
Farmers = Earth
Women = Darkness

 The Talars, Horal and Farmers seem pretty clear, but I'm not so sure about the other two.

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