Bloody Purges, Errinoru and Red Moon

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Date: Thu 04 May 1995 - 04:30:18 EEST

Pam Carlson:

>2) Might these purges be a sort of gruesome urban renewal? After all,
>excess people from the countryside migrate to the cities, and disease
>doesn't seem to be common enough to control human numbers in Peloria.

Well the numerous disasters (ie Nights of Horrors and Dragonkill War) are enough to put a crimp in any population growth. Furthermore, I understand that in the Real World, historically, cities were such filthly cesspools that they required a constant intake of immigrants from the countryside until the middle of the 19th Century(?)

Graeme Lindsell:

>The only major human cultures that don't worship a female Earth are the
>monotheist West, and I'm surprised they don't have a female Saint with Earth

Neither did the Medieval Catholics (Mary would be more like Ourania), nor do the Muslims (except for perhaps the Alawamites of Syria). This does not exclude the recognition of a female diety (ie Mother Nature) but religions can get along quite happily without an Earth Goddess.

Paul Reilly:

Joerg had written on becoming a superhero:

>>I'm most curious how Yanafal did so, and then Arkat. Being
>>rescued by Harmast doesn't seem sufficient...

Paul responded:

> Ah. Arkat wanted to change the world and followed Eurmal's path, to
>receive a gift from Subere. He may just have wanted Death, but got something
>far worse - Subere doesn't give the same gift twice. Subere, as the Source
>of Darkness, is possessed of the Infinity Rune

To what actual event are we referring to here? Arkat's Quest leading to his capture by the Dara Happans (ie Fortunate Succession: Reign of Radaidavu) or when Arkat got remade a troll by visiting thew well of wonder (described in either Trollpak or Cults of Terror).

Nick Brooke:

>It has always been my assumption that the High Priest of the Crimson Bat cult
>is known in Imperial circles as "the Bat Man," and wears a crimson version of
>the Caped Crusader's costume.

And well recognized throughout the Empire when the 'Wanted by Imperial Authorities' are put up when the Bat is killed and the High Priest is actively seeking a new job vocation in Safelster.

>Greg's opinion is now that

>: The Moon itself can be seen from all of Glorantha, geography
>: permitting.

Damn, Damn, Damn! I was of the opinion that she could only be could from all Genertela and that she'll be low down in the sky in, say, Kralorela.

Sandy Petersen:

>Errinoru: was he a hero? Was he a superhero?
>that he didn't seem to do much fighting during his time on Earth,
>like that other famed Pamaltelan hero, Elamle. At least Errinoru may
>have fought when he was in Hell,

The circumnavigation quest where he sailed everywhere despite the efforts of God Learners Mermen and some other people. I hardly imagine this would be a peaceful trading mission. And before people shout Chneg Ho, he largely avoided combat by going everywhere in Force. And I would hardly charcterise his treatment of a Sri Lankan Prince ('So you won't swear fealty to the Son of Heaven? Perhaps you better come along with us and explain it to him in person in Peking') as enlightened.

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