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From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Thu 04 May 1995 - 11:53:42 EEST

Mother Earth:
> My GM likes to point out that most of the Fire, Storm and Water gods
> are male, and most of the Darkness, Earth and Lunar gods female. While
> there seem to be less female gods among human cultures this is mainly because
> the great success of the various forms of Earth worship: some rebadged
> form of Ernalda is worshipped from Kralorela right through to the henotheist
> West. The only major human cultures that don't worship a female Earth are the
> monotheist West, and I'm surprised they don't have a female Saint with Earth
> connections.
Me too, but I expect that in those part where polytheism lurks, it is mostly among the Farmer caste or equivalent, and what they worship is generally some kind of Earth Goddess or Spirit.....

> A lot of the hero discussion has centered around their combat strength
> and how they would translate into DP counters. What about non-combat
> heroes? Are there such?
What about Chark the Liberator, "so pious that his bones turned to stone"? Or was the guy an Iron Mostali?

Erik Sieurin

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