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        I claim that he didn't do much fighting during his time on the Gloranthan surface, though possibly he did in Hell, though even there the result seems to have been not destruction of enemies, but conversion of them to his cause, because while he was gone, worms wearing crowns came from nowhere to do obeisance to the various kings and queens of the jungle.

Peter M. (unwilling to believe that _anyone_ could be wholly good)
>The circumnavigation quest where he sailed everywhere despite the
>efforts of God Learners Mermen and some other people. I hardly
>imagine this would be a peaceful trading mission.And before people
>shout Chneg Ho [sic], he largely avoided combat by going everywhere
>in Force. And I would hardly charcterise his treatment of a Sri
>Lankan Prince ('So you won't swear fealty to the Son of Heaven?
>Perhaps you better come along with us and explain it to him in
>person in Peking') as enlightened.

        Errinoru's circumnavigation quest was not a quest of conquest or invasion. Certainly he fought battles, because he was opposed by various forces. But Errinoru, unlike, say Jaldon, Jannisor, Harrek, even Arkat, is not defined by his battles or his enemies. The point of his exploratory quest was not the fighting that took place, but the voyage itself. He is a peaceful hero, in the tradition of Dormal or Sartar. Glorantha could use a few more dozen of that type of hero. If Peloria had had an Elamle instead of a Sheng Seleris, it would be a happier place today.

        That said, yes I know there are lots of combative Pamaltelan heroes. Also, with regards to Chang Ho, I'd like to give here one of my favorite quotes of all time:

        "I proceeded to become very annoyed and told the interpreter to go into the village again and to inform the King that if he did not come out forthwith and do homage to the British flag, I would set fire to the village and make war on him and his villagers."

The Black Man's Burden. Ah, for those halcyon days of the Pax.

>But other than that: Harrek is _the_ leading powerquester of the
>Third Age. And he does counter the most powerful forces of the
world >- the Lunar Empire, and the Waertagi navy.

        How did the Waertagi get pulled in here? They're a pathetic remnant in the Third Age -- the Wolf Pirates are vastly greater.

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