Bestfriends, Harrek and Peaceful Heroes.

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 05 May 1995 - 06:11:29 EEST

Nick Brooke:

>> I have a bias against best friends, sidekicks, catamites and what-have-
>> you of ever having the inititive to become a hero.

>Gunda's early transformative heroic actions were carried out in Zoria, years
>before she met Harrek. And Aelwrin led armies against the Lunar Empire and
>seduced Jar-eel *before* he became her "best friend". I don't think Peter is
>right to downplay the importance of these heroic figures, merely because they
>are companions of Superheroes. They are bona fide heroes in their own right.

But given the psychological make-up of a hero (ie independant leaders, loners etc), I think precludes forming a bond of friendship to or becoming a sidekick to another hero. If they (Aelwrin and Gunda) had achieved herodom _before_ they met up with their masters, then I would expect their abilities to be incompatible, much like the relationship between Argrath and Harrek.

I think if they are reckoned as heroes, a large part of this is due to their closeness to the Superhero and that if the superhero is killed, the best friend will suffer a large reduction in ability (I know that it isn't in the Dragon Pass rules but that's twenty years old!)

BTW Aelwrin seduces Jar-eel before he became her best-friend? Is this related to the battle of Dwernapple by any chance?

>> the 'Harrek the Lucid Dreamer' hypothesis ... accounts for his
>> awesome spiritual power right after his return from the Lunar
>> dart competitions.

>Ah. And for his awesome spiritual power *during* them: he did kill the Red
>Emperor, you know. Not easily done...

umm, according to the Fortunate Succession, Emperor Ignifier is slain in Doblian in 7/36 (1607 ST) which is _after_ he skins the Old Polar Bear God (Villany of 1604 ST). So either Harrek particpated in the Dart comps, developed a hatred of the Lunar Empire, Skinned Old Whiteskin and then went back and slew Emperor Ignifier (which seems unduely complicated) or we can assume the boxed article in G:CotHW about Harrek was confused and that Harrek skins the White Bear in 1604 ST and travels to the Lunar Empire after this. So when Harrek slays the Red Emperor, he is already White Bear.

>Wot, no Lunars? Must be my Dark Phase.

You did mention Aelwrin, Jar-eel, the City of Alkoth, the dart competitions...

I think the corruption has gone too deep...


> I claim that he didn't do much fighting during his time on
>the Gloranthan surface,

Just remebered. He conquered the Dwarfs in the Mari Mountains and brought about the Vegetarianism heresy which seems to appear in Mari around this time.

>Peter M. (unwilling to believe that _anyone_ could be wholly good)

until proven beyond reasonable doubt...

>He [Errinoru] is a peaceful hero, in
>the tradition of Dormal or Sartar. Glorantha could use a few more
>dozen of that type of hero. If Peloria had had an Elamle instead of
>a Sheng Seleris, it would be a happier place today.

I strongly agree.

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