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>From: Nick Brooke <100270.337@compuserve.com>
>From a very old Greggly manuscript about Hrestol (older than me!):

 Very intereesting stuff! One question: if he didn't see any of the things described (on a tapestry?), what did he see?

>Water represents change, currents, everything emerging from a Universal Source
>to which it must in the end return. Good Stoic doctrine, for Paul Reilly's
>philosophical wizards.
 Ah, but the darkness link for Zzaburi makes sense given that darkess is the holder of the oldest secrets of Glorantha, which are too terrible to be understood by other. Menena = water also makes sense if Malkion's mother was a Water goddess. There's arguments for both alternatives, which is why I was less sure of those two.


 I don't accept this as anywhere near certain myself.

Peter Metcalfe <P.Metcalfe@cantva.canterbury.ac.nz>
>Arkat =/= Chaos? He destroyed half of Genertela in his crusade. If
>that's not Chaos in action, I don't know what is.

 I don't think destuction by itself is necessarily chaotic, otherwise Zorak Zoran, Shargash, Orlanth or Humakt would be considered chaotic gods, and the Jrusteli destruction of the Waertegi or the Dragonkill Wars would be called chaotic wars as well. Arkat did rebuild in many of the areas he conquered, Dorastor being the notable exception.

>>I suspect that the evolution of Lhankor Mhy from a bard/lawspeaker to a
>First 1000 years? I think far earlier. I say at the Dawn, the Dragon Pass
>Lhankor Mhy were different cause of the close association with the Elder

 I agree, LH was likely modern by the time of Nysalor's birth, but there's an argument that it could have been reformed by the God Learners.

>From: Sandy Petersen <sandyp@idgecko.idsoftware.com>
> How did the Waertagi get pulled in here? They're a pathetic
>remnant in the Third Age -- the Wolf Pirates are vastly greater.

 My reading of the sections in the Genertela pack about the start of the Hero Wars made me think that the Waertegi return in a lot of force: the comment about the Wolf Pirates being the first people to oppose them implies that the Wolf Pirates didn't casually defeat the Waertegi.

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