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Date: Fri 05 May 1995 - 18:41:28 EEST

>From: Sandy Petersen <>
>I said: Arkat's Rune = Chaos
>Graeme L., shocked at this impiety, says

 Not so much by the impiety as by a perceived inconsistency in your assignments.

> Exactly. Also, note that more than just Arkat the Deceiver
>used chaos, if you concur with the secret wisdom that he was
>illuminated, or even Gbaji himself.

 I understood that Arkat the Deceiver was Gbaji, by definition.

> Arkat's entire adventure and life was defined by chaos.
>Whether you classify him as anti-chaos or pro-chaos, chaos was the
>one fact of his existence.

 By the same argument, Sheng Seleris should be associated with Moon and Jar-Eel with Storm, as that's what defined their lives. You define the others by central aspects of their personal power, rather than by what they opposed. Though many of Arkat's powers derive from Illumination, I don't accept that Illumination is necessarily chaotic. By Peter M's arguments, Harrek is also associated with Chaos rather than Death, as he's as much a destroyer as Arkat, for less reason, and builds less IMO.

> Androgeus in the Gods Age was a vastly powerful being, a
>representation of one of the important Cosmic Truths,

 Which is, in your opinion?

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