From: Nils Weinander (niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se)
Date: Fri 05 May 1995 - 16:34:22 EEST

>If we can't hold up conservative solar priests as the epitome of
>evil, then who _can_ we use for such a demonstration?

>They don't need to be epitomes of evil, they are perfectly obnoxious
>and intolerable stuck-up SOBs without being evil. That's what's so
>frustrating about them.

>To me, at their worst, such priests have the potential to
>epitomize the banality of evil -- as in C.S. Lewis's demon
>Screwtape, Terry Gilliam's film "Brazil", or that unimaginative
>bureaucratic paper-shuffler, Eichmann.

I see what you are getting at. Change my sentence to 'intolerable stuck-up SOBs without being overtly and deliberately hurtful to other people'. Lord Death-on-a-horse is evil and probably knows it but doesn't care. The stuffy old solars actually strive to be good (according to their own warped standards) and are thus bad candidates for _epitomes_ of evil.

Otherwise I agree.

>Everyone knows that the epitomes of evil are the nefarious forces of
>Darkness, the dwellers of night, eaters of men.

> [hollow laugh] Evidently the months spent toiling over
>Trollpak were not _entirely_ wasted, then, eh?

Sure. I have sort of made it a personal gimmick that all my RQ characters are unabashed troll haters. Kind of my favourite enemies.

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