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  -Sandy raises some interesting thoughts with the Arkat = Chaos   connection. I concur in this assessment. Peter M., who also concurs   suggests that Arkat's quest may have been a race against Time.   

  This makes me wonder if Chaos ever agreed to the Compromise. If not, if   they were only forced into it by being devoured by Arachne Solara, then   perhaps there was a hole in the fabric of Time. Arkat's quest may not   have been a race against Time, but a quest to either repair that hole or   bind chaos more firmly within Time. The tool to do so is Illumination.   

  -Peter M. on Gunda and Aelwrin
>But given the psychological make-up of a hero (ie independant leaders,
  loners etc), I think precludes forming a bond of friendship to or   becoming a sidekick to another hero.   

  I don't see this. The hero has achieved a transformative experience.   They are part of, but yet beyond the normal mortal experience. A   superhero has gone even farther and is like a living, but unpredictable,   god. Others accept them as leaders, but undoubtedly fear them in some   fashion. Further, because the normal mortal has not undergone such an   experience, they may find it difficult to be a friend. Only another   hero can truly understand what it means to be a hero (particularly from   a psychological point of view) or a superhero.   

  If Harrek is the superhero of Death (which I agree with), doomed to   bring loss to all, then it seems reasonable that only a hero who has   experienced loss (such as Gunda whose ability to love was killed) at a   similar level (ie in becoming a hero) could hope to be a friend to   Harrek.   

  -Nick comments on Aelwrin's hero status (#266)
>And Aelwrin led armies against the Lunar Empire and seduced Jar-eel
  *before* he became her "best friend".   

  If Aelwrin obtained his hero status before meeting Jar-eel, then is he a   Redlands/Zarcos (non-nomadic) hero converted to the Lunar way?   

  -Nick on Alkoth
>but the impregnable Citadel of Alkoth surely never fell. That would
  be...well... *unmythical*, dammit! They'd never live it down.   

  My thought is that the Ring (ie the great green circular wall) of Alkoth   was never broken. Sheng and his allies may have raised the Ring,   lowered the Ring, dug under the Ring, flown over the Ring, or magically   transported themselves within the Ring, but were never able to actually   physically damage it.   

  -Sandy comments on Elamle
>If Peloria had had an Elamle instead of a Sheng Seleris, it would be a
  happier place today.   

  And maybe it would have had one if not for the Moonburn. Perhaps this   whole ritual was designed to destroy the one true hero who could have   stopped Sheng and united Peloria in peace.   

  -David Cheng raises a challenge and proceeds to present some excellent   tidbits and suggestions regarding Dwarf Run.   

  I did something along this line for the Antlercase Riders for the Heroes   of the King project. I'll try to write up something succinct on it and   post it here.   

  The use of the Alchemical Transformer for fertilization was particularly   good.   

  -Pam Carlson states:
>SHARGASH LOVES YANA ARANIS... But if you're going to insist that a true
  son of Yelm and Dendara would consort with the offspring of some filthy   chaos demon, I shall have to ask you to step outside!   

  I retreat hastily before the curses of both fall upon me! Besides,   marriage would be incestuous. They are of course 'kissing cousins'.   


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