Chaos and Compromise

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 06 May 1995 - 13:48:47 EEST

If the Cheng Project goes ahead, bags I get to do the Brown Eagle Warlocks and Tosti Runefriend ("He's got a big fetish"), the well-known Viz character. I spend a fair amount of time extrapolating from Dragon Pass and its spin-offs when working with Glorantha: Aristos the Philosopher is a particular favourite of mine: formerly the Independent Master of Magic, now a sad old man in a bar in Exile Tarsh, muttering under his breath about sexual deviations...

Harald wonders if Chaos ever agreed to the Compromise.

Of course not! The Compromise exists to hold off the so-called ravening hordes of Chaos. Cf. Cults of Terror:

: One of the clear distinctions made in the Compromise is that chaos
: is not of this world. The deities and powers of the world had touched
: it, and were still afraid of it, and their continued existence
: required that they remain apart from chaos. Chaos became the enemy
: which must be fought and suppressed. With one enemy recognized by
: everyone, the squabbling deities found a common theme for unity.

The Red Goddess has, of course, supplied a far more pleasant "common theme for unity" than the frightened, squabbling deities of Godtime could imagine. And, what's more, she was welcomed into the world by the powers that create, uphold and define the Great Compromise.

Three Cheers for the Reaching Moon!


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