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From: David Dunham (
Date: Sun 07 May 1995 - 00:19:34 EEST

Andrew Behan wondered:

>This reminds me of something that puzzles me a lot. When a Hero goes
>heroquesting and does his/her own thing they may gain some "unique"
>power. They can then pass this on to their followers using the
>Communication rune as Divine magic just like Garyunder from G:CotHW or
>any of the many heroes described in cult-write ups.

I've interepreted this in East Ralios as a heroic ability of the clan. Each clan has a heroquest, performed by a famous ancestor (who is indeed worshipped, at least during the reenactment of his quest). Each ability also carries with it a geas (for example, for the Belovaking clan's Fireblood healing, they must never extinguish a fire).

I don't consider the clan ability to be a spell, rather, it's a power you can use once (until the next year's heroquest).

(Actually, I'm thinking more of King Kocholang, "whose entire family has the ability to breath blasts of fire against chosen targets" than Garundyer, most of whose powers I believe are for personal use. I also think the Orlanthi of Vesmonstran seldom have clan hero powers these days, having lapsed in their practice of the onerous geases.)

Richard Crawley wondered:

>Where in Glorantha is the Red Moon visible?

Everywhere. I believe that in the Glowline, there is a permanent corona around the moon, but it still turns its face.

>I would expect there to be (probably minor) red moon cults everywhere.

Perhaps, but most of the stars and planets are visible everywhere, but don't have local cults. For example, it appears that Tolat/Shargash has significant worship in only two parts of Glorantha.

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