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>I know details about four of the individual Silver Age heroes: King
>Heort (described in the Orlanth Pantheon in WF 13 and in KoS), Tessele
>the True (described in the Caladra&Aurelion cult write-up), Vogarth
>Strongman (just the name and a line from Sandy), and the dwarf leader
>defeated by the Only Old One (who might have got a name in the Broken
>Council material). It is clear that there are more, but I don't know
>anything official about any. If any of you know more, speak up.

The last is, of course, Martaler the Blazing Forge. The Only Old One could probably have been considered a Silver Age hero too. I'd probably peg the Second Son as well, as an Orlanthi Silver Age hero (cf. pg 90 of KoS).

>Anyway, I have problems to define Heortland before Palangio the Iron
>Vrok conquered it (and also during most of the 2nd Age). It seems to
>have been part of the Theyalan World Council of Friends, and from the
>description I quoted above I'd expect that King Heort personally was
>king there at the Dawn...

Right. The area now labelled Heortland was definitely part of the Heortling lands from the Dawn to when it got crushed by Nysalor. It was controled by the Gansavulli tribe. Like all the Heortling lands, it was allied with/gave homage to the Kingdom of Night. Pg. 46 and 48 of ToTRM #7 detail the conquest of all the Heortling lands by Nysalor

>However, the leader of the humans of Dragon Pass in the
>Dawn World Council of Friends is Aram ya Udram, aka Yu-Adariam in Cults
>of Prax's Issaries write-up, King of Dragon Pass.

Aram ya Udram was the speaker for the Heortling people at the Council from before Dawn to 178, although he was never their King. It was only on rare occasions that the King and the Speaker were the same person.

Someone Else:
>> What, if anything, is their simularity to the Vingkotlings?

Heortlings are Vingkotlings. I suspect the Heortlings changed their name after great deeds of King Heort. Very literally, Vingkotlings are the children of Vingkot, and King Heort did trace his ancestry to Vingkot through seven generations.

>>David Cheng wrote about THE DWARF of DWARF RUN...

Check out the newest RQ Adventures for lots of cool stuff on Dwarf Run (at least I assume it all went in... haven't seen the actual issue yet).


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