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Sandy Petersen says:
> Peter M. weighs in on my side.
> >Arkat =/= Chaos? He destroyed half of Genertela in his crusade. If
> >that's not Chaos in action, I don't know what is. Note Arkat
> >becomes more destructive as his crusade progresses. So what was
> the >*real* purpose of his crusade? A Race against Time perhaps?
> Exactly. Also, note that more than just Arkat the Deceiver
> used chaos, if you concur with the secret wisdom that he was
> illuminated, or even Gbaji himself.

If Arkat was n't illuminated how could he have possibly gotten away with joining so many cults?

> Harrek has no culture. Harrek has no cult. He belongs to no
> religion, has no faith. He is a loner, stimulated into action
> almost exclusively by hatred, greed, and fear, and his friendship
> with Argrath is the one pathetic redeeming characteristic he has.
> Note that he abandoned his kingdom for Argrath.

Is n't this the essence of the Superhero? A Heroquester like Arkat who has so many loyalties that they cancel out or like Harrek who has none; a high level D&D character let loose in Glorantha. I think in TotRM #7 it said something to the effect that a hero is a little version of their god whereas a Superhero is a little god.
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Andrew Behan

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