more arkat

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Mon 08 May 1995 - 18:36:15 EEST

> We know that Arkat's practice of slaughter shocked the Humakti and sent
> Harmast upon another lightbringer's quest to seek the Council of Gods'
> Complaints Department ('ere, this hero oo sent us ess no goood! We want
> ours moneys back!') so I don't think pointing to Humakt as a god of
> destruction is productive. As for Zoran Zoran, when did Arkat turn
> into a Chaos Monster?

Nope. Arkat shocked the Humakti by going over to the trolls. Harmast then went on a second quest 'cause the first one had brought back a hero that turned to Darkness; a pretty bad result for a LightBringer's Quest.

By the by, I seem to remember something about the 'seven Arkat's' that became trolls. This was not seven simutaneous Arkat's, it was Arkat and six of his boon companions who followed him into trolldom (that's how devoted they were to him). These were the 'Arms of Arkat', and some of the legends that say 'Arkat did this' are corruptions of old tales that used to say 'an Arm of Arkat did this'.


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