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>I must caveat here and say I don't believe in a real difference between
  Heroes and Superheros.   

  What I see as the difference is the meaning of touching the Infinity   Rune. IMO this is touching the transcendent universal power (like   touching nirvana frex). Mortals, even heroes, can never understand the   transcendent because they haven't touched or reached it. Nor can   mortals or heroes fully understand the gods (or superheroes) because   these have touched the transcendent power even though they still   manifest in forms that can be partially understood.   

>So (digging from Moorcock coz I just failed my Glorantha score),
  Cymoril or Zaroona could never be loved by Elric because they did not   understand what it was like to carry the Stealer of Souls? I don't   think so. Otherwise the Gods would never be able to apprciate mortals   and then glorantha would really be screwed.   

  I think there is a difference between a lover and a true friend. For   certain situations, only shared experience allows true understanding and   communication. I think the heroic experience is one of these.   

  I suspect this topic is getting academic, though, so we should take it   offline if we want to continue debating it.   

>Or perhaps the City of Alkoth sprawls outside the Green Walls of Alkor
  and Sheng only managed to conquer these bits.   

  My understanding is that Sheng not only entered Alkoth, but even Alkor's   temple.   

>If the Cheng Project goes ahead, bags I get to do the Brown Eagle
  Warlocks and Tosti Runefriend ("He's got a big fetish"), the well-known   Viz character.   

  Looking forward to seeing these. For a first entry of my own, I add the   Antlercase Riders (from the Sartarite Free Army).   

  It is not generally known how and when the Antlercase Riders formed, or   even who leads them. They come and go in small groups like winds that   have strayed from their path, though they have been known to unite fully   to bring vengeance upon all they find. They are largely Sartarite in   origin, but they include PolJoni and some Praxian outlaws. Most bear   antlers or horns upon their brows in the manner of the Wild Hunter.   Both the riders and their steeds have been known to walk the wild winds.   Note that the Antlercase Riders abandon some of their outlaw practices   after they join Argrath.   

  Common Sartarite Knowledge (ca. 1622): 'These foul bandits and outlaws,   renegades from the laws of Orlanth, run down all good folk they find.   When the east wind blows and dust rises in PolJoni's land, then take   your goods and run to the temples, for only the winds of Orlanth can

  save you.'   

  Common Praxian Knowledge (ca. 1622): 'The Wild Hunter takes many   victims, but saves few. These are the mortals who have taken up his   visage and his rage, abandoning the truth of Waha and the love of   Eiritha. Slay them where you find them for they will certainly slay   you and your beasts.'   


  Typical Antlercase Rider: initiate of Gagarth (see ToTRM #4)   Skills: Ride (good to excellent), any Weapon Attack (good)   Magics: any Orlanthi spirit magics (Bladesharp, Disruption common), one   use of Windwalk spell (from Gagarth), a special fetish or matrix magic   (possibly: a bound whirlvish in a bag that can be commanded once; a   spirit spell matrix; a wind stick that can turn any blade from the   wielder; a carved antler that causes any animal of its species to stay   at least 5 meters away)
  Traits: Hate Lunars, Hate Lunar sympathizers, Selfish, Proud, Vengeful   

  I hope to come up with some writeups for the Arrowstone, Uplands, and   Riverfork Cavalry from the Lunar Cavalry Corps.   


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