The Beast People

From: John R. Snead (
Date: Tue 09 May 1995 - 21:54:41 EEST


I've a question for the various Glorantha sages on this list:

Other than Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs, and Manticores, what types of beat men are found in Genertela? Are there any carnivore based beast men other than manticores, and has the Arachne Solara cult ever been described in detail (Arachne Solara seems a rather distant and nebulous deity for anyone to actually be worshiping)?

Also, what (if any) is the relation between the beast men and Hsunchen groups like the Telmari and the Basmoli who worship Hykim and Mikyh and have specific totem animals?


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