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Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 09:59:15 EEST

Bryan writes:

> Remember, no superheroes are worshipped after their death,
> only heroes.

Cult(s) of Arkat? They ain't necessarily a disproof, though, if this is "the cult which worships in the way Arkat taught them to" rather than "the cult which worships Arkat". (Which is possible). But there are unfortunately some sad types out there who still "respect" what the Deceiver and Arch-Traitor "achieved": not quite as negative as your portrayal (though it *should* be!).

JMK asks:

> Can anyone tell me what number the most recent issue of TotRM is?

Alas, #12 (last summer's trend-setting "Bumper Colour Special") is *still* the most recent issue of Tales. The "Malkioni Special", Tales #13, has been "at the printers" for a couple of weeks, now. It's complete; it's due out very soon indeed; but it's just not quite there yet. The dazzling contents include: a MOB scenario set in Dragon Pass including zillions of Malkioni; the second part of Alan LaVergne's new story, "Things That Love Night"; RQ write-ups of the Rokari and Hrestoli churches; the Brithini creation myth; the History of Malkionism; and loads of other stuff besides!

On a similar note, Wyrms Footprints is also "at the printers". They are messing around with our PC-formatted disks to suck the beautiful and informative contents onto a Mac, last thing I heard. We have had a string of last-minute glitches with this product, including illness (at RMM), avarice (at the Texan printers, may dogs defile their premises!), busy-ness (at Chaosium), and others, so this is a pretty small potato by comparison.

I dearly hope we'll have copies of both these products clutched in our sweaty paws before RQCon-Berlin (in less than a month's time). Otherwise, we will need new printers (as the old printers won't be able to print very well without their hands, souls and gonads, once Yara has finished making an example of them).

Our current plans are for Tales #14 to be the prematurely-announced "Praxian Special", and #15 to be the long-awaited "Lunar Special". (Like us, you'll by now have realised that *every* issue of Tales is "special"!). So get scribbling!

All Hail the Reaching Moon Megacorp!


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