Heroes and elves

From: Nils Weinander (niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se)
Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 14:55:36 EEST

>Funny, I see superheroes as pathetic creatures. They're like phosphor
>flares. They burn VERY brightly, but when they've burnt out, they're gone,
>nothing left. Heroes, on the other hand, don't greedily hold onto all
>their gifts but share them with their people. Thus, they get to be
>worshipped and their existence preserved afterwards.

Now this is really interesting! I think there is a lot of truth in this. If so, the term superhero isn't really appropriate: it sounds like a hero, just more so. But what Bryan says would mean that a hero could be as powerful as a superhero, just that he shares his power.

>Remember, no superheroes are worshipped after their death, only heroes.

I'm sure someone will drag out a counter-example, but I don't care. I'm with Bryan here.

Sandy on elves:
>And I don't think that Errinoru is a "good" guy. Certainly
>the Doraddi (among my favorite Gloranthans) remember his reign as
>one of terror -- as the dread jungle began replanting itself over
>the savannah
>But there can be no doubt that elves work
>for the extinction of trolls, dwarfs, and humans alike. Except for
>the occasional human who actually becomes an elf-friend (like

I have always wondered why the elves of Fethlon are friends with the Teshnans but enemies of the Kralorelans. Could it be because the Teshnans are the lethargic sloths they are and thus won't protest when the elves start planting jungle on their land, turning their cities into haunted ruins like the ancient city in the Jungle Book, while the Kralorelans are a vigorous civilization who would never put up to something like that? I mean if the elves tried expanding into Kralorela they would just be incorporated in the Kralorelan way and appointed as imperial gardeners with pompous titles and absolutely no power to implement their plan.

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