superhero duds?

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Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 15:05:01 EEST

Bryan J. Maloney:
> Funny, I see superheroes as pathetic creatures. They're like phosphor
> flares. They burn VERY brightly, but when they've burnt out, they're gone,
> nothing left. Heroes, on the other hand, don't greedily hold onto all
> their gifts but share them with their people. Thus, they get to be
> worshipped and their existence preserved afterwards....
> ..Remember, no superheroes are worshipped after their death, only heroes.

        Very strange, you must have missed the long series of posts wherein the superhero-turned-goddess Hon-Eel was discussed. The general theme was that Hon-Eel became a grain goddess, but which grain?

        Also note that Arkat did not burn out, he retired to his three stars in the heavens. And this AFTER he taught trolls sorcery...

        Second note: Sir Ethilrist is considered a peculiarity amongst heroes in that he when heroquesting without desiring to help anyone but himself. This means that he went on his quests without the support of a community behind  him, which made things much harder, but that he got to keep all of the goodies.

John R. Snead

        How about Scorpion Men?

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