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From: Bryan J. Maloney (
Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 15:20:55 EEST

> Other than Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs, and Manticores, what types of beat
> men are found in Genertela?


It's time somebody explored Glorantha's hip side.

<<lights dim>>
<<flute and bongo duet begins>>
<<Bryan dons a goatee and a beret>>

How now, Brown Broo?
What's Chaos to you?
Have you viewed or seen
The existential manifesto of your innate deconstructionist societal


Thank you.

> than manticores, and has the Arachne Solara cult ever been described in
> detail (Arachne Solara seems a rather distant and nebulous deity for
> anyone to actually be worshiping)?

On a more serious note, Beast Men don't worship Arachne Solara. They worship Ironhoof. Ironhoof worships Arachne Solara. She's a sort of "god for gods". I run Ironhoof as a variant of Daka Fal, except that shamans also get several more Divine spells.

As for carnivore-based beast men, I think that's an artifact of the fact that "beast men" are the Gloranthan version of Earth's own demi-beast mythic creatures, and there are very, very few carnivore-based beast men in Western traditions. This doesn't mean that Asian models can't be used, but the problem with that is that they're a great deal more like Hsunchen than they would be beast men (kitsune as fox hsunchen, crane women as crane hsunchen, etc.)

> Also, what (if any) is the relation between the beast men and Hsunchen
> groups like the Telmari and the Basmoli who worship Hykim and Mikyh and
> have specific totem animals?

I'd say that the beast men consider them to be half-wit cousins, at best.

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