Re: Illuminate me

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 12:15:07 EEST

  Paul here. Sandy wrote:

  " IMO, before the Red Goddess came along, Illumination was not seen as a way to reconcile ourselves to Chaos (or vice versa). Instead, it was seen as a means of reconciling the various religions to one another into one grand philosophy -- sort of a super-Monomyth replacement. It is the Lunar Empire who is responsible for the modern association of chaos with illumination, because they have _chosen_ to do so."

  And that stuff about Arkat vs. Gbaji, the Riddlers spreading plagues and so on, is late Third Age propaganda? I'm confused.

  I like this idea of illumination as a grand philosophy - but I think its associations with Chaos are pretty old. Please explain.

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