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From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Wed 10 May 1995 - 16:52:34 EEST

  Paul R. responding to Sandy:

> There _are_ entities in Glorantha who have chosen to wield
>power instead of being helpful, and we all know some of them: the
>Red Emperor, the Pharaoh, Androgeus, Delecti the Necromancer, Lord
>Death On A Horse, among others. Folks like Argrath, Jar-Eel, Snodal,
>etc. are individually less mighty, but historically far more
> But it's not a superhero/hero difference, it's an
>inward/outward difference. Plenty of superheroes are worshiped after
>their death: Arkat, Hon-Eel, the Kralori Emperors (who each achieve

  I agree completely! Only the receipt of this message forestalled my writing something quite similar. I also agree with all Sandy's "good" examples, including Jar-Eel. I might be prepared to cut Androgeus and Delecti some slack if we knew their whole stories - it could be they are tragic figures rather than "selfish" ones. Androgeus in particular can be interpreted as a cursed heroic figure, a relic of elder days when beings were more mighty, who has forgone godhood in order to help people.

  Or not.

  And as I said before, Harrek might not be such a bad guy. He's just misunderstood.

  Or not.

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