Re: sandy's maunderings

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Thu 11 May 1995 - 18:16:32 EEST

Paul R.
>I might be prepared to cut Androgeus and Delecti some slack if we
>knew their whole stories - it could be they are tragic figures
>rather than "selfish" ones. Androgeus in particular can be
>interpreted as a cursed heroic figure, a relic of elder days when
>beings were more mighty, who has forgone godhood in order to help

        It's also true that someone who has chosen to accumulate personal power, rather than share the wealth, is not necessarily a bad person. Take the Red Emperor. It is in the interest of the Empire that he personally accumulate all the power he can. Ditto the Kralori Emperor (though he admittedly gives back that power, or at least uses it for the public good, when he Passes On).

>as I said before, Harrek might not be such a bad guy. He's just

        Really, society's to blame.

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