Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #272

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Thu 11 May 1995 - 20:06:53 EEST

Sandy's interesting list of Beast-men:
> Ox-Man 1 [?? Evidently not a minotaur]
No, a minotaur is obviously a bull-man (or cow-woman) so an ox-man must be a castrated minotaur! Probably Ironhhofs eunuch, or a soprane singer (remember, they are supposed to like music, and think of the beauty of the song that the critter's large chest could produce if it was a soprano...).

> Note that although you limited your remark to Genertela,
> there are also many Pamaltelan beast-men, and they are quite
> different from the Genertelan types. There are no minotaurs, for
> instance, and the centaurs are considered to be semi-chaotic, much
> as are giants or werewolfs in Genertela. The centaurs, it must be
> admitted, tend to worship evil deities, such as Sikkanos or Bolongo.
What about those r... r.... those rhinoceros-creatures?

Erik Sieurin

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