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Date: Fri 12 May 1995 - 04:10:31 EEST

Erik Sleurin
>What about those r... r.... those rhinoceros-creatures?

        They are named "rascullu", and are, of course, not centaurs, though probably more closely related to them than any other Gloranthan species. Or, if your question is "are they bad, too", then the answer is "Yes."

Richard Crawley
>At present I'm organising an event (based on a medieval fair)
which >probably has much in common with the kind of free form I believe has >been run at various RQ conventions.

        You can talk to me, as I've run six, written three, played in a bunch, and consider myself reasonably expert. You can also email this address:


This is the group for live action gaming. It's usually pretty sessile, but announcements are periodically made, and it's quite clear that people read it. If you post, asking for help, you'll get it from players, gamemasters, and writers.

> Other than Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs, and Manticores, what
types of beat
> men are found in Genertela?

Ken: re: beastmen
>Someone mentioned ducks and baboons. Whatever happened to tusk
>riders and morokanth?

        Tusk riders are not beastmen, no matter _what_ other folks say. They are considered to be a hybrid between troll and man. Morocanth are, of course, beasts, not beast-men. But baboons are well up along the humanoid-appearance route, and ducks are not _real_ duck_, but semi-humanoid versions of same.

Curtis Shenton
>First there was Rashoran. I'm not sure if his teachings survived
>past the Dawn.

        His teachings didn't survive past his murderer -- Ragnaglar. Though he did manage to talk to a couple of gods and give them some sort of mystic insight before his vanishment. (Humakt was one, and the Emperor of the East -- Metsyla? -- was another.)

>I think some version of the original teachings of Nysalor has made
>it east to Kraloria.

        I don't think it was meaningful, though. The Kralori philosophies don't really have a place for Lunar Balance or multicultural exploitation.

>The riddles there are definetly of the Zen Koan variety.

        Hrm. Zen is Japanese, and I don't think even the Vorumai (most Japan-like of Gloranthan cultures) have an equivalent to Zen. Certainly the Kralori would prefer pithy aphorisms or wise stories.

>But I also think there should be a more meditative approach to

        The Kralori have a mystic type of magic which involves meditation. I'm perfectly willing believe that their entire system of magic is based on some version of illumination.

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