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Date: Fri 12 May 1995 - 09:35:22 EEST

Andrew writes:

> It is well established that when someone does a heroquest they alter
> the myth just a little, even when they try hard to maintain the status
> quo. Bearing this in mind, the prospect of a gang of illuminated broo
> doing YOUR cult's secret quests should be just a little bit frightening.

One of the reasons Lightbringer Orlanthi are scared of the Seven Mothers' version of their defining myth, perhaps? Though I am not comparing the Divine Mothers to "a gang of illuminated broo" in anything other than the most positive sense imaginable.

> For chaotics I would imagine tearing a hole in the Compromise/reality
> is considered an act of great piety

Stephen Martin suggested at one time that Chaotic "divine magic" is closer to Tapping than any conventional form of runespell. The filthy chaos broos rip power from their accursed mistress, and by doing so open a wider hole between reality and chaos through which their unclean energies can flow. By casting chaos rune spells, they make the world a more chaotic place. Their cloacal chaos-spawning ritual is only the most obvious instance of this.

Curtis writes:

> I've been thinking about Illumination of late and have been trying to
> come up with some different approaches besides just Nysalor Riddles.

I borrow Classical philosophical methods of catching people off guard -- Socratic inquiry, paradox, and the like -- for the Lunar illuminated Philosophers (the polite Pelorian word for Riddlers). Traditional trickster-style "riddling" (ask a silly question, get a silly answer) is a cod version of this proud intellectual tradition. A proper philosophical education is far more likely to result in illumination than trying to understand the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything based on a few overheard snippets of confusing but illuminated insight: this is a part of what the Lunar College of Magic teaches students.

Sandy seems to be claiming that the Red Emperor is somehow a selfish power-hoarding type who contributes nothing to society. Nonsense! He is the apex of the Lunar Way, the guiding hand at the tiller of the Ship of State, hero and champion of the Lunar Empire, which is the last, best hope for Creation. He does it all for *us*! He shares his wealth of wisdom, knowledge and power with all who follow the Lunar Way. And, what's more, you can *all* join in, and claim your fair share of the Emperor's blessings! To some he gives office, rank and power; others receive the opportunity to advance and better themselves; still others receive the limitless benison of his spiritual and/or bodily love. Fortunate mortals, to have such a divine being to intercede between themselves and the Goddess Herself!

All Hail the Reaching Moon!


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