Superheroes - five wounds of death?

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Fri 12 May 1995 - 12:53:43 EEST

In WBRM (White Bear, Red Moon, the original Dragon Pass boardgame), superheroes can only be killed through the 'five wounds of death' (sp?). These may only be given to them by heroes, demons, unit weilding extraordinary magics (eg. Stormwalkers). Nothing seems to have been written/said about these five wounds since... Why five? In Dragon Pass, anyone (with an army or three) can grundge a superdoop - was this a change made to make the game easier/[better?] or is there a mythic reason and grunts like adventurers can kill Androgeous (until she decides to return, perhaps like Jaldon, at some time in the future, maybe a bit weaker or susceptible to members of the cult of those who slew her last or...)

Any thoughts over the aether


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