Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #271

From: Ian or Katts (
Date: Fri 12 May 1995 - 15:29:22 EEST

Peter Michaels : Did they have an Oz accent ? If so, they were probably me (I cant remember too much of RQ con ...)

Superheros/Heroes : I think differentiating between Cult Heroes (formally linked into a religious pantheon) and Heroes (just extra-tough heroquesters, but not yet worshippable or aphothesized) could be useful. My view of the Infinity Rune is in game mechanic terms it allows infinite POW and MPs ... which with worship gets very gross very fast. A different mechanism would allow worship, and transmission of benefits to worshippers.

Edge of the Darkness : I *really* need a copy of this ... even if it has to be photocopied and posted, could somebody with one please send it to me.

Illumination : My view is that Nysalor is Thought, and Arkat is Action. Arkati would Illuminate by killing/betraying/abandoning what they love.

Enough for now,

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