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Date: Fri 12 May 1995 - 19:19:57 EEST

Boris here, peeking out after too much time lurking recently.

The (super)hero discussion has been fascinating, but I'm feeling a bit obtuse. What do you people mean by mastering the Infinity Rune? If a god (or other individual) has the Infinity Rune, I thought that was a shorthand notation to indicate that they are both the original and current source of some rune, such as Flamal for Plant or Uleria for Fertility. Mastering some other rune, such as Storm, for example, presumably gives one Storm like powers. But obviously mastering the Infinity Rune does not give one infinite power; even Harrek isn't that potent. Sandy has commented that Superheroes have complete control over all magic in their presence, but wouldn't this be more of an indication of mastery of the Magic Rune?

Elsewhere Sandy lists the types of beastmen in Ironhoof's court. Among others he gives:
> Cynocephali 2

This one escapes me. Unless I'm mistaken, that's "Centerheaded": is this the classic name of the mythical race with faces in their chests (a people with no head)? Similar to Grotorans?

> Gryphon-Man 1 [A double-hybrid? Or mistaken identity.]

A sphinx perhaps?

> Mole Man 1

Quick, where's the Fantastic Four?

> Ostrich-Woman 1

Phyllis Diller springs to mind.

> Serpent Man 1

Lamia? Or are those only serpent women?

On a last note, harking back to a older discussion about the Kitori, some pondered on the mythic basis for the two races to merge. Someone (sorry, I forget who) suggested a marriage between Kyger Litor and Orlanth. A better choice (IMHO), and one I'm using, is between Xentha and Orlanth, which produced Argan Argar. This explains a number of things, I think:

  o Acceptance of Only Old One by Heortlings.

  o AA's affinity for the surface world.
  o AA's power over heat & light.
  o AA's possession of Darkwalk (since Orlanth stole it from the Darkness

Mind you, I don't think that any humans or trolls outside the Kitori believe this, but I think they do, and have heroquested to "prove" it.

All for now.
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