Re: five wounds of death; runic mastery

From: David Dunham (
Date: Sat 13 May 1995 - 03:08:16 EEST

Robert McArthur wondered
>In WBRM (White Bear, Red Moon, the original Dragon Pass boardgame), superheroes
>can only be killed through the 'five wounds of death' (sp?). These may only
>be given to them by heroes, demons, unit weilding extraordinary magics
>(eg. Stormwalkers). Nothing seems to have been written/said about these
>five wounds since... Why five?

While there are no doubt mystic reasons, an obvious one is that humans have 5 limbs. Yes, like the knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, superheroes can fight (and kill!) you with their arms and legs cut off.

Boris wrote
>What do you people mean by mastering the Infinity Rune?

Heck, I wonder what people mean by mastering _any_ rune. In the original RQ rules, that was how you became a rune level, but the game mechanics were hardly commensurate -- the Magic rune was POW 18, the Mastery rune was 5 skills at 90%. This always begged the question, how did you master any of the other runes? Of course, you could hand-wave and say it took heroquesting. But then why are Magic and Mastery so easy?

>> Serpent Man 1
>Lamia? Or are those only serpent women?

There's an incredibly ancient Wyrm's Footnotes that had some sort of serpent man guardians for an earth temple. (Assuming I'm remembering correctly.)

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