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Boris said

>On a last note, harking back to a older discussion about the Kitori, some
>pondered on the mythic basis for the two races to merge. Someone (sorry,
>I forget who) suggested a marriage between Kyger Litor and Orlanth.

        I too dislike this theory, and have said so far too often. I have many mythological objections to it (were does it leave Ernalda, for example), but my primary one can be summed up by saying that stealing your desired sandals is not a firm footing for a relationship.

> A
>better choice (IMHO), and one I'm using, is between Xentha and Orlanth,
>which produced Argan Argar. This explains a number of things, I think:

        My theory is that the Kitori revere Argan Argar as Ernaldas husband, and accept Orlanth as her other husband. The Argan Argar cult among the Kitori spreads into a form of ancestor worship (of the AA worshipping tribal founder, who married the troll queen), which among the trolls includes Kygor Litor. The tribe is ruled by a mock dynasty of humans kings and troll queens (thus both sides assume that they are really in charge), mock because the dynasty is actually maintained by both rulers maintaining many lovers and concubines.

        I like your theory more than the Orlanth/ KL one, but not that much more. It does leave Argan Argar marrying his mother-in-law, and it also relies on another marriage unknown outside the Kitori.

        My theory explains

> o Acceptance of Only Old One by Heortlings.
> o AA's affinity for the surface world.

        But I guess it doesn't explain

> o AA's power over heat & light.
> o AA's possession of Darkwalk (since Orlanth stole it from the Darkness
> tribe).
>Mind you, I don't think that any humans or trolls outside the Kitori
>believe this, but I think they do, and have heroquested to "prove" it.

        I like my theory the best simply because it IS based on a mythical marriage that is known/ believed in outside the Kitori (even if the other Orlanthi try and downplay its importance).



PS I have tried a great ritual of divination to the mysterious Greg, bu no answer was forthcoming. I have a dollar for RQ Con Down Under.

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