Teshnos and the elves

From: Nils Weinander (niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se)
Date: Sat 13 May 1995 - 20:41:30 EEST

Ralf Engels presents some interesting points on Teshnan relations with the elves of Fethlon. I also though of the discussion on Teshnos last year. I think we came up with a scheme where the present-day Teshnans has no contact with Teshna, the land goddess and needs the elves for the land fertility magic. Question is what teh elves need the Teshnans for.

>humans and elves live in a kind of symbiotic
>relationship, where the humans and their semi-nomadic slash & burn
>agriculture (at least in inland Teshnos away from the river basins)
>provide an important part of the elven life/death-philosophy/-cycle.

This rings true. The elves approving slash and burn sounds weird first, but coming to think of it it maes good sense since it renews nature and new forest grows up when the humans move on.

>Well, my unimportant theory for the hatred the elves bear with regard to
>the Kraloreli concerns the draconic bits of kralori culture and philosophy.

I'm less convinced that elves dislike draconic stuff. I have a vague memory that elves and dragonewts cooperated well enough at times in Dragon Pass.

>reasons I can think of are: they are free of the damnable cancer of
>draconic and illuminative thinking;

I though elves liked illumination. At least it says in old CoT that Nysalor often has shrines in elven light temples.

>every few decades or
>generation of local rulers the Teshni go out building a new and pompously
>decorated city in the jungle, while abandoning the old one, just because
>of mythological reasons

I like that a lot! It's evocative and also gives the Teshnans a unique character.

>IMO the Teshni are keen on and good at trying out new things or giving
>everything a fresh start, but they always fail on finishing things,
>loosing interest and motivation along the way

Doesn't really fit in with the lethargy stuff, but I like this version better. I will use it.

>All right, that's all for now, take it or leave it,

Mostly take!

>> Cynocephali 2
>This one escapes me. Unless I'm mistaken, that's "Centerheaded"

I read it as 'dog-head'.

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