Illumination and Kralorela

From: Bryan Maloney (
Date: Sat 13 May 1995 - 22:27:55 EEST

>>I think some version of the original teachings of Nysalor has made
>>it east to Kraloria.
> I don't think it was meaningful, though. The Kralori
>philosophies don't really have a place for Lunar Balance or
>multicultural exploitation.

Let us not forget that the Kralori have more than one deity concerned with Illumination in some form or another. In fact, they are a culture that is so comfortable with Illumination that they even stress the shortcomings of that particular path. They have a deity who is 100% Illuminated, in a sense he IS Illumination, and he is noted for his general inability to understand anything important. I recall that he is represented as a featureless sphere, but his name doesn't come to mind right away. No, it isn't Nysalor. A being who is identified with Nysalor in parts of regions west of Kralorela is honored separately as an important teacher of Illumination, but a being who is separable from Illumination, itself.

This god was created by the first Emperor to illustrate the shortcomings  of Illumination.

I would say that Kralori mystical religion has a lot of Middle Path in it.
"If the beat goes on
 When the song is done,
 Harmony finds her way."

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