From: Ian or Katts (ianw@juicer.magna.com.au)
Date: Sun 14 May 1995 - 04:04:09 EEST

DX intelligence report 1a45b-7 AHMV

One of our agents in Swenstown reported this dream "Orlanth : Hic, boy am I soooo drunk hic got any more of that hic blackberry wine hic

<staggers around, falls into bed)

Orlanth : Hic, I could swear there's two of you. Lemme check <grope> thats one, two, three, eight tits hic. Boy have I drunk too much giggle

<snores, wakes up>

Orlanth : mmmm thats nice hic

<grunting sounds follow, followed by snoring>

Orlanth : what time is it ... wyzzit so dark ... oh yeah ... where are my shoes ?

<finds shoes, leaves>

<next day, at steadholding>

Orlanth : Uhhhhh ... this hangover is just so bad. Where the hell are my shoes. And why do I have these black sandles ?

Report ends. AHMI

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