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Date: Sun 14 May 1995 - 08:57:43 EEST

David Cake answered me:

>>There's an incredibly ancient Wyrm's Footnotes that had some sort of
>>serpent man guardians for an earth temple. (Assuming I'm remembering
> Yep. They guard the Paps in Nomad Gods (they are an actual unit, I
>think - anyone want to confirm if they appear in Les Dieux Nomades?), and
>presumably other Earth temples as well. The consist of a humber of serpents
>with heads of women, led by a woman with the head of a serpent? Or possibly
>the other way round. They breath poison gas. I have the WF at home with the
>stats (though I really should get around to mailing it back to MOB

Les Dieux Nomades does indeed have a counter of a green serpent with a lizard head, a female human torso, and two swords. It's labelled "Gardiens Serpents." It's one of Les Esprits Mamelons (Spirits of the Paps)

Peter Metcalfe asserts
>The Mayans primarily abandoned their cities because the slash-and-burn
>agricultural techniques depleted the fertility of the soil.

I'm too tired to remember the theories on what did happen to the Mayans (it quite likely was ecological collapse), but I do know that slash-and-burn is perfectly sustainable. Only problem is, it doesn't support very high population densities. Of course, with higher densities, it depletes the land. The story of humanity. (Remember, there used to be horses in North America long before the Spaniards. The North Americans managed to kill all of them millenia ago. Hunting by stampeding off cliffs also works really well when there aren't many hunters.)

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