Harsh Economic Reality

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Mon 15 May 1995 - 09:50:21 EEST

Bryan suggests:

> Reaching Moon Megacorp should reprint this issue, and keep reprints
> in stock

How many? For how long? Against what demand? Using whose money? Instead of which new products?

I know that David Hall hates having boxes and boxes of unsold products littering his flat. And the punters have shown a tendency not to buy reprints. Now, spiritually speaking, I agree with you completely, and in a perfect world we'd all be happy. But, to be practical, we can't. Any more than Chaosium or Avalon Hill, say, could "reprint {name your fave!}, and keep reprints in stock."

If anyone wants something they can't find in the shop or through their local RMM rep, hassle David as a last resort. But our products will go out of print: Tales of the Reaching Moon is not run to make a profit (compare our price, quality and pagecount to other zines for proof!), and a smaller print-run of repros costs more and makes a loss, even if it sells.

Harsh economic reality lesson over.


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