Illuminated Kralorela

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Date: Mon 15 May 1995 - 14:37:10 EEST

>They have a deity who is
>100% Illuminated, in a sense he IS Illumination, and he is noted for
>his general inability to understand anything important. I recall
>that he is represented as a featureless sphere, but his name doesn't
>come to mind right away.

That sounds like Metsyla, the Light of Enlightenment, third emperor of Kralorela, created by Yelm to rule the empire of splendour. Provided of course that you equate enlightenment with illumination.

However, saying that Metsyla didn't understand anything important might be a bit harsh. He is said to be lacking in empathy though, never able to get really close to things.

My guess about Kralorelan opinion about central Genertelan style illumination is that they find it useful for chaotic creatures because it makes them less difficult to control, but comparatively insignificant for themselves. Even if illumination originally was meant to integrate religions it is still of second-rate importance to the Kralorelans since they already do incorporate other religions, but not by integration, but by giving them obscure positions in the Kralorelan system, where they can be safely ignored by all but those specially assigned to oversee potentially subversive movements.

>I would say that Kralori mystical religion has a lot of Middle Path
>in it.
>"If the beat goes on
> When the song is done,
> Harmony finds her way."

That's something I would have wanted to come up with. :-)


>As the Teshnans were conquered by the God-Learners, I feel they would
>have been forced to switch to the plow in order to pay their taxes.
>The Teshnans could still commemorate the old slash-and-burn traditions
>by some agricultural fire burning ritual (like a Wicker Man).

The Teshnans have had 500+ years to go back to the old ways, so perhaps the settled agricultural ways with plows etc is practiced around the population centers out of the forest areas, whereas the rural backwaters have reverted to their old ways as befits arch-conservative solar dudes.

>This last bit IMO explains the comparative scarcity of (permanent)
>urban settlements idicated in the G:CotHW-book,

>I prefer to explain the scarcity of urban centres by harsh taxes to support
>the decadent slothful lifestyle of the rulers.

But that's less original and less fun.

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