the infinite and serpent guardians

From: Harald Smith (617) 724-9843 (SMITHH@A1.MGH.HARVARD.EDU)
Date: Mon 15 May 1995 - 17:58:00 EEST

  Hi all--   

  My interpretation of mastering/touching the Infinity Rune is this:   The Infinite is the true power/energy of the universe. It contains   everything, including all dichotomies: chaos/order, being/nothingness,   truth/illusion, all the gods and all mortals and all potential futures   and pasts. It is not something that can be described nor can it be   comprehended. That is why people don't worship the Infinite--they   cannot grasp it. Instead they worship aspects/masks of the Infinite   that were created out of it.   

  If you think of Illumination as gaining an understanding and an   acceptance of the knowable world (including the chaos within it), then   you might be able to think of touching the Infinite as gaining some sort   of integration with the Unknowable. You may then be able to work all   the dichotomies and potentials of the Infinite within a limited sphere   of the Known world.   

  This interpretation is derived from reading Joseph Campbell's works and   other writers on Mythology and Transcendence.   

  Someone commented on the Serpent Guardians of Nomad Gods so I'll not   repeat that, but there was a Wyrm's Footnotes (#5 or #7) which presented   the Serpent Guardians that could be found at the earth temples (written   by Steve Perrin). I don't think these would typically be classified as   Beastmen though.   

  Another type of beastman appeared in WF 14 in the Crown Test of Leika   Ballista. This was the Flamingoman. The statement regarding it was:   "like a duck, but worse".   


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