Re: sandy's maunderings

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Tue 16 May 1995 - 03:03:22 EEST

Bryan suggests:
> Reaching Moon Megacorp should reprint this issue, and keep reprints
> in stock

Nick Brooke: (paraphrased) Yeah, right. _You_ gonna pay for it, pal?

Sandy's humble suggestion: Do not reprint any issue. If someone wants a past issue no longer in stock, David offers to have a gopher xerox a copy of it and mail it to said someone at an exorbitant price, high enough to cover both the xeroxing and the time taken to do it, plus a nice profit for Reaching Moon.

        Presumably the number of people interested in back issues is low enough to make this a possible solution (which it is _not_ for Avalon Hill or Chaosium -- 100 people wanting xeroxes of old stuff at premium prices is not worth the trouble, whereas 10 people might be.)

>the article points out that no chit [in DP] (hero, super, bat) is
an >individual. ALL are groups of powerful beings.)

        Very true. The Bat represents the Bat + his cult. Harrek represents Harrek + his einheriar. Of all the counters in the game, the one that comes closest to being a single individual is Androgeus.

>Another type of beastman appeared in WF 14 in the Crown Test of
>Leika Ballista. This was the Flamingoman. The statement regarding
>it was: "like a duck, but worse".

        Tragically, the keets include a race of flamingomen, doubtless the source of WF14s. When working up the keets, I included flamingo keets, but my conscious mind had completely forgotten about WF14. I guess they're just a natural archetype.

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