From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 16 May 1995 - 05:13:28 EEST

> Someone commented on the Serpent Guardians of Nomad Gods so I'll not
> repeat that, but there was a Wyrm's Footnotes (#5 or #7) which presented
> the Serpent Guardians that could be found at the earth temples (written
> by Steve Perrin). I don't think these would typically be classified as
> Beastmen though.

        I am sure that Steves creatures and the Nomad Gods creatures are intended to be one and the same - that was clear in the article. Of course, we could ask Steve? Or I could dig out the article.

        There are numerous other magical serpents that act as earth guardians as well, of course, including serpent staffs from Plunder, and the Stone Snake of Snakepipe Hollow.




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