From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 16 May 1995 - 10:53:04 EEST

Camo asks:

> In Glorantha, does Yelm's path alter with the seasons? ... Are the
> days during dark season shorter than the ones in earth season?

Yep, and yep. Seen from Genertela, Yelm seems to follow a more southward path in dark season, and shines less brightly and warmly.

(I believe that from *Pamaltela* he seems to go more northerly and less bright in winter: in fact he's following the same path, but going higher or lower, larger or smaller, brighter or dimmer, depending on whether it's summer or winter. Think about it. On "equatorial" Teleos, he would always go more or less directly overhead, but would be dimmer in winter, brighter and hotter in summer).

For the Gloranthan Ephemeris I've been working on with Greg, Midsummer Night is eight hours long, Midwinter Night sixteen, with a sinesoidal loop in between (i.e. not a straight line). The Spring Equinox is bang in the middle of Sacred Time, the Summer Equinox is Yelm's High Holy Day (cf. GoG calendar), and you can work the others out for yourselves from equal quarterings (as I've got to get to work!).


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