Reprinting Tales

Date: Tue 16 May 1995 - 12:53:43 EEST

G'day all,

Best of Tales #1 - #4 + #6

Bryan Moleny suggests:
>Reaching Moon Megacorp should reprint this issue, and keep reprints in
>stock. It is probably the one issue that I have used more than any other.

To which Nick rightly responds:
>How many? For how long? Against what demand? Using whose money? Instead of
which new products?...

In general, we will *not* be reprinting issues of Tales, for the above very good reasons (and also to ensure David has *some* floor to walk on in his flat). As our print run now goes into several thousands, with Reaching Moon Megacorp sales contacts in a dozen countries, getting your hands on the latest issues is easier than it once might have been. In the early days the print run for issues #1 and #2 were only a several hundred copies, meaning those who only came across Tales later missed out.

For this reason, Reaching Moon Megacorp are producing a "Best of.." compilation of issues #1 to #4, plus #6 (we have already reprinted issue #5 in its entirity). This bumper issue will feature the best from these early issues (as well as Hayward the Pickled Onion), plus a whole swathe of new and unpublished material from your favorite Tales authors.

Help Needed!

"The Best of..." project is well and truly off the ground, but we need some help from some quick-fingered subbers! Unfortunately, we no longer have a number of articles on disk. If anyone could help with retyping them (or the original authors have the articles themselves), it would be greatly appreciated!

Articles we still need:

Issue #1

*Spoken Word
*Nomad Clan

Issue #2
*Five Foes
*Hop Wars

Issue #3
*Cult of Geo

If you can help, please drop David, Nick or myself a line!



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