Re: sandy's maundering

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Tue 16 May 1995 - 18:08:55 EEST

>In Glorantha, does Yelm's path alter with the seasons?

        Yes. It moves further south in the winter.

>Since the world is flat, I'd assume that it wouldn't matter where
>you were. The particular day would be the same length for everyone.


>However, are the days during dark season shorter than the ones in
>earth season?


>Actually, my dollar was aimed at getting Greg to actually give us
>some explanation of who the Kitori worship, as he is still mildly

        Not to throw fuel on this particular fire (I've completely ignored the Kitori debates, but I know they were going on), but Greg's original campaign notes for Sartar indicate that the Kitori worship "Argan Argar". In my own campaign, the trolls worship Argan Argar, and so do the humans. The trolls, of course, also worship Kyger Litor (because they must). The humans also worship Ernalda, but not as strongly as among "normal" Orlanthi.

        It's possible that I've completely missed the point of the Kitori debate, which at times seems to be pondering how many Kitori could dance on the head of a pin.

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