Burning Corn while the Sun Shines

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>>As the Teshnans were conquered by the God-Learners, I feel they would
>>have been forced to switch to the plow in order to pay their taxes.
>>The Teshnans could still commemorate the old slash-and-burn traditions
>>by some agricultural fire burning ritual (like a Wicker Man).

>The Teshnans have had 500+ years to go back to the old ways, so perhaps
>the settled agricultural ways with plows etc is practiced around the
>population centers out of the forest areas, whereas the rural backwaters
>have reverted to their old ways as befits arch-conservative solar dudes.

But Slash-and-burn isn't a cultural artifact, it's a techological thing. Forcing peasants to drop the plow in favour of Slash-and-burn is slightly reminiscent of Pol Pot's Year Zero Theories. Somehow I don't think the Teshnans have the ideological fervour to pull that stunt off. However, I do recall sugar plantations being fertilized by this method so I'll retract slightly and agree that the Teshnans still practice crop burning for some crops.


>Glorantha, does Yelm's path alter with the seasons? Since the world is flat,
>I'd assume that it wouldn't matter where you were. The particular day would
>be the same length for everyone. However, are the days during dark season
>shorter than the ones in earth season?

AFAIK Elder Secrets which says yes, the days are of equal length and yes, Yelm's path alters with the seasons has been gregged. Talking to Nick, he thought the days are of unequal length. More importantly, he was thinking about the sun keeping to a fixed path. However the height at which the Sun travels along the path is dependant on the spiritual health of the sun. In summer, Yelm travels higher than usual (and like the pattern of Antirius in the GRAY) glows hotter and brighter than usual. Thus both the Doraddi and the Orlanthi think Yelm is closer to them. In the winter, the reverse is true: Yelm is barely able to keep it up and glows feebly. The Doraddi and the Orlanthi view this as Yelm being further away. However this was six months ago and I can be gregged or nicked by this.

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