From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 17 May 1995 - 07:17:40 EEST

> Not to throw fuel on this particular fire (I've completely
>ignored the Kitori debates, but I know they were going on), but
>Greg's original campaign notes for Sartar indicate that the Kitori
>worship "Argan Argar". In my own campaign, the trolls worship Argan
>Argar, and so do the humans. The trolls, of course, also worship
>Kyger Litor (because they must). The humans also worship Ernalda,
>but not as strongly as among "normal" Orlanthi.

        Which is all as I assumed, so I can now happily take the place of the orthodoxy (I won't go so far as to claim correctness, but at least if my theory is wrong then Gregs is too).

> It's possible that I've completely missed the point of the
>Kitori debate, which at times seems to be pondering how many Kitori
>could dance on the head of a pin.

        The Kitori main debate is the question of dominant religion, which you have happily solved to my satisfaction.

        However there are other Kitori debates which are also ongoing, which probably results in the confusion, as they all tend to be debated simultaneously. Other questions about the Kitori (many of which originate with John Castellucci in RQA # 4) include -

        Their tribal boundaries
        Their numbers
        Their place in the Volsaxi confederation (or not)
        Their ownership (or not) of Whitewall
        The incidence of Arkat worship among them

        And as all of these tend to get argued simultaneously, it can get
rather confusing. Add to this that it is all too easy to end up thrashing out the minor details in digest public rather than email private, ending up with a complex discussion of very minor points, and it is easy to produce a very silly debate. I have answers to most of the questions I want to ask, so I will try and avoid debating it in the digest in future. Email me if you have any interest.




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