Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #281

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Wed 17 May 1995 - 10:58:57 EEST

Sandy wrote:

> I am one of the monomythized believers in a pre-Yelm worldwide
> Earth cult, though I don't claim Ernalda or any other currently-
> worshiped earth deity was recognizably present then. I believe
> that there are ancient Earth temples, all over Glorantha with
> weird throwbacks to ancient ways of thinking that seem abnormal
> to modern Gloranthan folk.

  I believe that this is at least true throughout Central Genertela, without even monomythizing. Other areas may have had independent origins for their Earth cults but I kind of doubt it.

  One of the things I LIKE MOST about Glorantha is the conceit of a world where the mythology is "true". The current efforts to make Glorantha into an Earth-clone (different mythologies in different areas with no underlying "truth") sometimes annoy me... Yes I think different areas have different mythologies BUT I also like the idea that THE SUN has a form of consciousness and it's not just due to the stories people tell. Of course Truth can be complex and manifold - but I think it is there.

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