Illumination and Molandro

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Curtis Shenton:

>I haven't read GRoY or whatever it's called but I do
>recall someone explaining the Dara Happen view of Yelm's death as him
>going to hell to meet his shadow and that Yelm(or whatever they call
>him) is the first illuminate.

Yelm didn't actually met his shadow. He lost his connection with the One and become one of the Many and so experienced the Impossible, so the Dara Happans (following Avivath) say. The myth about a light god confronting his shadow comes from RQ Companion and involves Lodril who was showed his Shadow by Ratslaff. This leads to Lodril losing (in GL speak) the light rune.

>And what's with all the multiple personalities these illuminated types
>have? Arkat has a bunch of almost clones, Nysalor has pieces that have
>to be seperated, Razalkark has his groupies.

Part of the problem is that Arkat was a complete fanatic in almost every cult he joined (he had been a Child of the Forest but I don't see how it is possible to be fanatical in that cult). Living to the cult ideals meant that he manifested to outsiders completely different personalities. Nysalor does not have multiple personalities; the pieces are body organs, taken apart to stop him regenerating.

Andrew Behan:

>In RQ Companion one of the three gods who opposes Yelm on the Field of
>Doubt is an earth god called Molandro. Given that the Field of Doubt is
>now the Kingdom of Ignorance and that Basko, another of Yelms opponents
>is worshipped there as the Black Sun (Troll Gods) what are the chances
>that this pre-Yelmic deity is the Earth Eater fought by Tharluzni and

>worshipped by the misguided natives?

Basko was shrivelled up and buried at the Fields of Doubt which is slightly different. Yelm does not meet Molandro in a ritualized combat at the Fields of Doubt, IMO, but struggles to displace Molandro. Molandro is unknown to the Dara Happans (who know of Jokbazi and Basko) but yet known to the Doraddi, as Pamalt uses his spear to give Moorgarki a hard time (Pamalt Cult Writeup). He could be the leader or Earthfather (or at least Biggest Male Member) of the Old Earth Cult, Sandy was speaking of, in which case the Earth Eater could be connected with him.

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