Currencies & XU etc.

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Date: Thu 18 May 1995 - 17:06:46 EEST

Here I am. NOT lurking this time, instead commenting a little bit and asking some questions as well.
All this discussion about illumination and related subjects is quite interesting since I own the cult write-up of Nysalor/Gbaji. At first it seemed rather obscure, but now, after having seen many of your ideas about illumination, it has become a bit clearer, a bit more illuminated to me. :-)

Questions and possible topics for further discussion:

  1. Currencies. Clacks, wheels, lunars and bolgs. I have a dim idea of the usage of lunars, who uses them and how much (possibly the Lunar Empire and the surrounding areas and not in very large quantities) and I remember reading from some book or other that clacks were originally used and developed by dwarwes. But what are these wheels? Who uses them and how much? Any other uses for money in Glorantha than trade (religious?)? Does anyone out there have some kind of currency rates? Again, I remember reading from somewhere that bolgs are about one tenth of a lunar, but correct me please, if I am wrong.
  2. Xiola Umbar and trollkin etc. There was a lengthy discussion on Chalana Arroy on this digest a while ago. Trolls of Glorantha are much more fascinating than trolls in many other fantasy worlds where they are treated as stupid monsters and I would like to know more about them. How would you Gloranthaphiles out there describe the role of XU in troll societies? How about relationships between Kaarrg's Sons and Zorak Zoran? What about the role of sorcery in troll society?
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