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Date: Thu 18 May 1995 - 20:53:13 EEST

Curtis Shenton re: Metsyla
>I like the idea of an Eastern god of Illumination. No doubt
>followers of the god sit around thinking about how free they are to
>do anything and end up not doing anything at all.

        An accurate portrayal of my own theories concerning Metsyla. Though I regard it as important to the Kralori that the Metsylans _are_ able to do something. They just don't.

>For that matter has there EVER been an illuminated Uz in Glorantha?

	Yes. Tens of thousands of them.
	Examples: the illuminated Mistress Race troll, from the  
Dorastor Pack. Also the (illuminated) Monster Army that issued forth from Ralios to battle the Seshnegi included some of uz. It had dragonewts, too, plus elves, dwarfs, and Telmori. Not to mention many hsunchen. For most of the Seshnegi, this was the first time they'd ever seen these creatures, hence the "Monster Army", which in later retellings has become a swarming horde of chaos deformities, one of the reasons that Gbaji's name is viewed with such horror in the West.

Andrew Behan
>In RQ Companion one of the three gods who opposes Yelm on the
Field >of Doubt is an earth god called Molandro. what are the chances
>that this pre-Yelmic deity is the Earth Eater?

        Exactly 85%.

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